Quality connections without social media.

Introduced is an exclusive, invitation only introduction platform that makes the most qualitative, meaningful, and actionable introductions in the world.

Are you tired of social media?

Let's be clear that this is NOT a social network.

Introduced is an invitation only platform that that uses algorithms and humans to connect two people together every two weeks with a direct email introduction.

It's that simple.

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Introduced is exclusive and invitation only. This allows our platform to maintain the highest level of quality for the most meaningful and actionable introductions in the world.

Sign up

Once invited, sign up. Your information is visible only to you. Quality is key because we use algorithms to make a first prediction of a great introduction.

Get introduced

After a human has personally reviewed the prediction, we introduce you to one person every two weeks via a personalized introduction email.

Introduce us

If you like your introductions, introduce someone to us and they'll get invited to start getting introduced. But remember, if you wouldn't introduce them to your top 10, they aren't for this platform.

Shed the network

Introduced is not a social network. Your information is yours, only seen by you, and only used to make the best introductions. No advertisements, no politics, just quality connections.

A peek inside the platform.

These are just some of the features of the platform that help make the best introductions possible on introduced.


A member can invite up to 3 people per month into the platform. They'll get an email with an invitation to join.


When an introduction is made, you'll get an email. We'll then send a follow-up just to make sure you didn't miss it.


We operate on a one strike system. If you don't follow up with an introduction within 10 days, or you spam them, you'll be  removed from the platform.

Vacation Mode

Need to take a break from introductions? No problem, switch to vacation mode and we'll pause introductions until your ready.

Special Requests

Have something specific you're working on? Each member gets 2 special requests per year and can pay for additional requests as needed.


The platform is leveraged to maintain the highest quality of individuals that in order to produce the highest quality connections in the world.

How to get invited

Think you know someone on the platform?

In order to provide the best introductions in the world, we operate via invitation only. If you haven't received an invitation, but would like to join, fill out the form below. A notification will be sent to the members that you would like to join. If someone knows you and thinks you'll be a good fit, you will receive a formal invitation.